SPEAK MPLS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Executive Order 20-40, issued by Go. Tim Waltz on April 23, 2020, requires each business in operation during the peacetime emergency to establish a “COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.”  This Plan serves as SPEAK MPLS official COVID 19 Preparedness Plan.

SPEAK MPLS is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and members.  To ensure that, SPEAK MPLS has developed the following Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each employee and member is responsible for implementing the Plan.  Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 at SPEAK MPLS media labs and in providing members community media services and requires full cooperation by all employees and members.  Only through this cooperative effort can we establish and maintain the safety and health of the SPEAK MPLS community while engaging in community media services at SPEAK MPLS facilities.  Our Preparedness Plan follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines and federal OSHA standards related to COVID-19 and addresses:

  • Occupancy and Facility Restrictions
  • Hygiene and respiratory etiquette;
  • Engineering and administrative controls for social distancing; 
  • Housekeeping—cleaning, disinfecting, and decontamination; 
  • Prompt identification and isolation of sick persons; 
  • Communications; 
  • Occupancy restrictions; and
  • Management and supervision necessary to ensure effective implementation of the plan.

Screening and policies for employees and members exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19

SPEAK MPLS strongly encourages an employee or member to stay home and immediately get tested for COVID-19 if you feel you are coming down with the flu.  Employees and members are not to visit SPEAK MPLS facilities, media labs, or reserve equipment until at least 14 days after your fever breaks, and the onset of symptoms. If you have been tested, and do not have COVID-19, SPEAK MPLS may require documentation of a negative COVID-19 test.  If you test positive for COVID 19, follow the advice of your healthcare provider and inform SPEAK MPLS immediately.  If you have a family member that has tested positive, please self-quarantine.  

If SPEAK MPLS learns that any member or employee has come down with COVID 19, or has notice that any member or employee has been exposed to COVID-19 at SPEAK MPLS facilities, SPEAK MPLS will immediately inform all employees and members that may have come in contact with the individual, according to the CDC and MHD guidelines.

If SPEAK MPLS staff, or a member tests positive, SPEAK MPLS will evaluate the situation and decide whether to close any SPEAK MPLS facilities, and or modify the COVID 19 Preparedness Plan to limit future exposure.  

Operations Restrictions and Procedures for SPEAK MPLS On-site Facilities

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, SPEAK MPLS has decided to limit on-site operations by 50%. This is a temporary situation designed to promote the health and safety of both SPEAK MPLS and the community we serve.  Once the key COVID-19 indicators consistently show a downward trend in the City of Minneapolis, we will open media lab access to full capacity.  This precaution does not affect channel programming, live stream capabilities, on-line classes, and virtual engagements, which will continue to operate at full capacity.  

For all on-site activities at our media labs, SPEAK MPLS staff, members, instructors, and community members must follow theCDC’s COVID-19 guidelines.  In addition, SPEAK MPLS has implemented the following additional precautions for on-site activities:  

  1. Visitor Screening.  SPEAK MPLS staff will conduct a brief health screening before admitting any individual into a SPEAK MPLS media lab.  
    1. Health Questionnaire:  
      1. During the health screening, SPEAK MPLS staff will ask the following questions:  
        1. Have you had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the last 72 hours?________________
        2. Had any contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19?__________
        3. Have you or a family member been instructed to self-quarantine? ____________
        4. Have you experience any of the following symptoms that cannot be explained by another condition, such as:
        5. Dry Cough_____Shortness of Breath____Chills____Loss of taste or smell____Sore Throat?____Muscle aches and other symptoms added by the CDC? ____
    2. Temperature Screening:  SPEAK MPLS will take your temperature.  If your temperature is 100*F or more, you will not be allowed to enter SPEAK MPLS facilities.

If any signs of illness are observed while an employee, member, or visitor is present at any SPEAK MPLS facilities, SPEAK MPLS can ask that individual to leave the premises. 


Basic infection prevention measures have been implemented at SPEAK MPLS.  Each employee and member should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water frequently throughout the day, but especially at the beginning and end of reservations, prior to any means, and after using the restroom. Please refer to this handout from theMN Department of Health on Handwashing—this has also been posted in the common areas of SPEAK MPLS facilities. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to all SPEAK MPLS facilities and both members and staff are encouraged to use it whenever they enter SPEAK MPLS facilities.   

Respiratory etiquette: Cover your cough or sneeze; Masks

All employees, members, and visitors of SPEAK MPLS facilities are instructed to cover their mouth and nose with their sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing.  If you need tissue, please inform a SPEAK MPLS staff member and the staff member will bring you a box of tissues.  Avoid touching faces (mouth, nose, and eyes) with hands.  All tissues should be deposited in the trash and the individual should wash or sanitize hands immediately afterward.  There are trash cans in all SPEAK MPLS facilities.

SPEAK MPLS requires all employees, members, and visitors of SPEAK MPLS staff to wear a cloth mask or face covering, in accordance with the City of Minneapolis Emergency Regulation No. 2020-12.  This went into effect May 26, 2020 and requires any individual over the age of two to wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose in accordance with CDC guidelines.  An individual is exempt from wearing a face covering if the individual is not able to medically tolerate it.  This regulation also requires employees of businesses to wear a face covering if the employee has face-to-face contact with the public. SPEAK MPLS will provide a mask to members upon request.

Social distancing

Social distancing is encouraged throughout SPEAK MPLS facilities.  Whenever possible, please maintain at least six feet of separation with anyone while using or visiting SPEAK MPLS facilities and be respectful of other’s requests for additional space. 


SPEAK MPLS staff will use CDC and MDH approved disinfectant spray on all equipment and facilities and wipe down any surfaces both at the beginning and end of the day.  In addition, SPEAK MPLS staff will sanitize all surfaces before and after each reservation of media lab space and equipment rentals.  Exterior and interior door knobs are also wiped down.  

Additionally, all members are required to disinfect the media lab areas and any equipment after every use.  SPEAK MPLS will provide disinfectant supplies, but it is the member’s responsibility to wipe down all surfaces as directed by SPEAK MPLS staff after every use.  

Common Areas

SPEAK MPLS is limiting eating in the kitchenette to two individuals at any time.  As the common area spaces are limited, no more than 4 people may be in the common areas at one time.  If you do utilize the common areas, please wipe down any surfaces you use with disinfectant spray or wipes.  If there is not disinfectant spray in the common area, please ask a SPEAK MPLS staff member.

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